Steez Assembly Manual

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Braap Assembly Manual

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 Shrike Style Build


Shrike v2 Assembly

Here are some initial photos of how the frame should be assembled. 

Using M3x12 and M3x18 bolts and M3 nyloc nuts, sandwich the arms between the bottom plate and the PDB. It is recommended to have the battery lead pads coming out the side of the quad or the back.


Make sure to orient the cut out in the arms to all be facing the same direction as to allow for a battery strap to slide through. 


Remember to properly insulate the ESCs from the arms, as carbon fibre can be conductive and short through your ESCs. We recommend using 3M VHB to attach the ESCs to the arms. Then later wrap the ESCs is silicon tape for protection. 


When attaching the battery lead, use a short pigtail.


The FC is mounted on top of the inside bolt pattern with the standoffs screwed down on top.

The top plate is then held down with M3x6 bolts.

To attach the FPV camera an M3x6 bolt along with a M3 nyloc nut to hold the bracket in place.


This is a very very very rough guide at the moment. We will have something more thought out as well as a video shortly.  


If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us!