Pods for the Braap and Steez in case you have your own printer or a friend with one. Print it in all sorts of your own custom colors! 

Print Material TPU:

Lots of supports will be necessary to print the pod cleanly 

Braap Micro Camera Pod

Steez Micro Camera Pod

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you can get them direct from our source in your choice of color! 

Brain3D Braap and Steez Pods


If you really really don't want to use a micro camera for your Steez for some crazy reason, we also have a old Hs1177 size camera pod that we were using while testing this frame. We have made it available here in case anyone would like to use it. 

Old Prototype Steez Pod For HS1177/Mini Size Camera


The Boop Pod, this a signature m0ke design. Created to extend the nose of the Braap to make mounting a Gopro Session easier. 

Boop for Micro Camera

Boop for HS1177 Size Camera


These tape on skids for the Braap and Steez are great if you fly in a lot of concrete like parking garages, it will save the arms from splintering or getting scraped down. They are designed to be non intrusive with the motor mounting bolts, to make sure you have the most secure motors possible. Just slide them over the arm after you've mounted your motor, and wrap some electrical tape around the tabs to secure it. 

Print Material: TPU

Braap Tape On Skidz

Steez Tape On Skidz


The stock SMA antenna mount that comes in the kit. Designed for the TBS Unify style pigtails.

SMA Antenna Mount

Top mount SMA for bottom mount setups. Great for if you plan to use the Braap as a long range setup and need better antenna position.

Top Mount SMA


Gopro Hero 5/6 top mount for the Braap for when using a bottom mounted battery.

Gopro Top Mount